Photo Flashback!!

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Photo Flashback!!



thank you so much for all of your energy and support,your msgs helped me when it got tough and i wanted to give up and retire.

this was such an incredible experience, i experienced every high and low, every emotion possible, physically and mentally the toughest thing i have ever gone through.

i was able to run the entire day today 42.2,thinking of all of your encouragement.

i am blessed to have friends and family to help push me through this challenge.

i love you all.

i gave all my blood,sweat, and tears to the sahara, and in return the desert gave me a deep reflection of who i am.

i wouldnt be who i am without you all. thankyou all for being a part of my life. the desert stripped me down, and gave my true self back to me.

today ended with the most incredible scenery and ultimate high.

tmr is the 11km charity run/walk. will share photos/details when i am bk. again, lotsoflove!!!!


Day4 & Day5

THANK YOU so much for your kinds words of support, after 91.7km, made me cry.

day4 started with blistered feet, toes fkd, both achilles busted, low energy, sore/aching everywhere, barely able to stand and hobbled the 1st 37.8km.

i planned to give up as at CP3 i was in LAST place in the ENTIRE RACE but made the cutoff so chugged along.

last place, ALONE, at night, in the sandstorm, in the cold, i hobbled 26km IN THE DUNES, tears dwn my face. was alone for 50%, rest accompanied by camels+2 berbers that bring up the rear.

talk about a dark place. huddling alone in the desert, crying; but what beautiful stars!

i was certain i would retire, but the staff members helped push me and i kept on repeating mind over body, from CP5 i picked it up and miraculously finished in 32hrs, slept 2hrs. IT WAS AWFUL, WONDERFUL, A MIRACLE. feel like a phoenix. burnt up, now reborn.

will do my best tmr for 42.2km. i love you all.

Stage4 End8

Day4 & Day5


Thankyou for all of your msgs, they pass them out printed each night and it makes me so thankful to have you all in my life, i loveyou all!

I am in severe pain. toenails and pinkynails busted.medical ystdy to hv holes drilled in nails to drain fluids. everything hurts.

1st day running 1st15km with 9.5kg was STUPID!

I am shuffling across the desert. every step hurts. crazy heat. lack of wind.nights are COLD, windy. wake up covered in sand. got my period ystdy too, WTFBRUTAL haha. feeling the importance of: mind>body, nature,patience, love,friends, family, water, sun, shade, breeze, smiles, laughter, saying hi, kindness of strangers, a helping hand, MUSIC.

after 1st day i thought i wouldnt be able to take another step. 91.7km tmr. eachdayisamiracle (mojibakemsg so romaji/ENG only!) the desert is beautiful, incredible.

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